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20th anniversary of NIMT

2018 is a special year for metrology in Thailand. The Thai economy is celebrating the 20th anniversary since the National Institute of Metrology (Thailand) was founded. NIMT and PTB are taking this opportunity to look back on 20 years of close and faithful cooperation.

NIMT’s development is rightly noted as a success story. Established during the turbulent time of the Asian financial and economic crisis, NIMT accomplished accreditation for several laboratories, as well as the publication of its first Calibration and Measurement Capabilities in just a few years. Parallel to these accomplishments, NIMT grew into one of the leading National Metrology Institutes within ASEAN and actively helped shape the development of the Asia Pacific Metrology Programme.

PTB has had the honour of being partners with NIMT from the beginning, closely accompanying its development process. These cooperative efforts went through a demonstrable transformation: During the first few years, communicating knowledge and experience was the priority. Then in the following years, NIMT gradually became a partner of our Technical Cooperation in promoting metrological systems in other Asian economies. Today, a new field of scientific and technological cooperation has emerged from our partnership, allowing us to master any current metrological challenges.