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Drum roll, flourish and applause is online

Calidena is an artificial word made up of two Spanish words. The word for quality ‘calidad’ and the word for chain, ‘cadena’. Reinhard Schiel invented it many years ago to create a term for a comprehensive system for analysing and improving value chains, mostly in the agricultural sector. Calidena has become a word of normal usage for us. When we hear it, a multifaceted world opens up before our inner eye.

We* have put this world on a website.

It not only provides general information about Calidena, but also gives examples of successfully implemented Calidena processes.

In the International Cooperation of the PTB, Jonathan Krull takes care of the subject with care and attention to detail. But only together with Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke, accomplished Calidena facilitator and his huge wealth of experience, could this new website be designed and filled with extensive content. Both deserve the thanks of PTB at this point, but also the thanks of the project partners in which the Calidena processes are carried out.

For those who do not feel like clicking through the entire website, here are recommendations for individual areas.

Jonathan Krull, who is warmly thanked at this point, recommends: The world map

The author recommends:

*We are a public authority, we do not advertise, but we would like to take this opportunity to thank the agency that supported us with their skills and creativity.

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