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Qi and Peace | QI in Least Developed Countries

Qualitätsinfrastruktur and Peace

PTB’s projects supporting quality infrastructure are often carried out in countries and regions that are characterized by their high instability and by open conflicts. PTB’s support of QI in these partner countries can indirectly influence the stability of the project regions concerned. If you want to learn more about the ways we have influenced these regions and about how our projects have contributed to peace in our partner countries, please read our new compact brochure entitled QI & Peace.

Author: Janin Fischer

Quality infrastructure in least developed countries (LDCs)

Compared to industrialized countries, countries in transition and developing countries, the situation prevailing in the least developed countries makes it difficult to even set up a quality infrastructure. Particular challenges in such countries are the shortage of qualified staff, inefficient institutions, poor infrastructure (e.g. buildings and roads) and low capabilities in the fields of vocational training, academic education and scientific research. This study presents an overview of the current approaches and of those used in the past by GIZ and PTB to promote QI in LDCs.

Author: Ulrich Diekmann