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Regional Metrology Network CEMACMET on an Advising Mission

Aristide Nguedeu’s careful examination of calibration certificates and a discussion with those in charge of the visited labs to understand their needs: that is a typical scene from the regional metrology network CEMACMET’s experts tour through the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC) in the spring of 2018. The tour served the purpose of updating and taking inventory of measurement standards for the different measurands. At the same time, discussions between CEMACMET and public as well as private stakeholders were initiated. The regional metrology network visits labs which want to offer services, but also small and medium-sized enterprises which could benefit from these services. The information gathered from the countries helps CEMACMET to develop needs-based further training seminars and make suggestions for the division of labour at the national and regional level. Aristide Nguedeu, CEMACMET President since September 2017, emphasized the importance of the division of labour, and also of dialog, at the regional and the national level: “In the next few years, CEMACMET is planned to become an active network which will offer advisory services in the area of metrology at the regional and national level.” PTB supports CEMACMET’s ambitious goal within the scope of a BMZ-financed project for which this tour was an important start.