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What we need to prove the quality of our products

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and international experts meet virtually to discuss quality requirements.

An impact study conducted in cooperation with Technische Universität Berlin and the Mediterranean Business School in Tunis was recently the forum for virtual meetings about quality. This all took place within PTB’s project titled “Developing expertise in quality assurance for the export sector” which successfully organized a number of online meetings between international quality infrastructure experts, export experts and Tunisian SMEs from various sectors such as textiles, electronic products, food processing and packaging. Besides these international experts, representatives of UTICA (a Tunisian business association), of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines, and of the national metrology institute (ANM) were also present and replied to questions asked by the SME representatives.

How can we verify the quality of our products? This was the central question asked during these workshops where the participants had the opportunity to both gain information and express their needs. Being able to have measuring instruments calibrated in their own country was a wish that several businesses expressed. Having to use the services of international laboratories obviously brings about additional costs, but also means a considerable loss of time. If SMEs had better access to high-end QI services, they could increase their export activities. And this is where PTB’s project, which aims to enhance the competitiveness of Tunisian products on international markets, comes into play.

These virtual workshops will be followed by two additional support measures (business audits as well as partial funding for the use of QI services and for the acquisition of small measuring instruments). These activities will give SMEs the opportunity to learn more about quality requirements, to define their own needs, and to find out how to implement the lessons learnt.

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