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Film – Quality for Africa

We have entered the thematic year »African Year of Quality Infrastructure« with intense, exciting film work from East Africa: The film »Quality for Africa – how to trust the invisible« originates from there. One question was at the centre of this for us: How can people trust in the quality of something if they can’t see it? We have discussed this with many of the interesting locals who were kind enough to show us what quality means to them in their daily lives. A film has been made which, while it does not substantially explain quality infrastructure, will help raise decision makers’ awareness of the issues surrounding »quality«.

The film was made in collaboration with the »Pan African Quality Infrastructure« (PAQI) and was based on the PTB project »Upgrading of Quality Infrastructure in Africa«.

Film in English: Quality for Africa – how to trust the invisible

Film in French: Qualité pour l’Afrique – Comment faire confiance à l’invisible ?