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My mask protects you – your mask protects me

What are the proper procedures for face masks?

It is essential to use face masks properly in order to achieve the greatest possible protection.

Wash hands thoroughly, at least 20-30 seconds and with soap before putting on the face mask.

When putting on the face mask, make sure that the nose and mouth areas including the chin are covered and that the mask is as tight as possible on the sides.

The mask needs to be changed when it is wet from respiration at the latest. If not, germs, such as mould, can grow or collect on it.

A second (packaged) face mask should be on hand. If you have to take off the first face mask for a while, do not put it on again but use the second face mask.


Graphic showing the correct way to wear a face mask.

Avoid touching and moving the face mask while wearing it.

Do not “park” the face mask on your chin or around your neck. Germs can also collect there during the day. These germs can then enter the body when the mask is put back on.

Try not to touch the outside of the mask when taking it off because pathogens can be on it. Take hold of the strap or strings and carefully remove the mask. Store the mask in such a way that it dries quickly and make sure that it is not touching other surfaces unnecessarily.

After removing the mask, wash hands thoroughly for at least 20-30 seconds and with soap.

After use, the face mask should be stored in an air-tight container (i.e. in a separate bag) until washing. The mask should be washed in hot water as soon as possible, on the same day at the latest at 60-95 °C. It must be completely dry and safely stored before the next use.

Please also watch the following instructional video on the internet:

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