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A PTB In-house Production | Video on the Calibration of Infrared Thermometers

Here at PTB, we are always finding new ways of doing things. One of these new things involved the design and production of an instructional video on the calibration of infrared thermometers. Our goal was to try and create the film with as little outside assistance as possible. And we are proud to say that we succeeded in doing just that, even though it did take quite a while to complete the project.

Our animated film shows how experts verify the accuracy of thermometers, something that must be done before the thermometers can be sold on the market. The video explains the testing procedures specified for this purpose by the applicable ISO and ASTM standards.

Watch the video on YouTube

The idea for this film came from Project Coordinator Tobias Diergardt, and the script was a collaborative effort between temperature specialists Ingmar Müller and Klaus Anhalt and the highly experienced external expert Heike Koch. Ronald Dunham and Ella Jones from PTB’s Translation Office did the voiceovers, working from an improvised sound studio set up by the Applied Acoustics Working Group with Heinrich Bietz serving as the sound engineer. The formidable task of converting the script into an animated film was handled by Daniel Böhme from PTB’s Media Design department.

PTB’s International Cooperation Group would like to thank all those involved for their commitment to this in-house production!